The Challenge

Utilizing BBBLS technology, design an innovative greenhouse that will survive extreme climates of hot and cold temperatures.

Challenge Dates July 22, 2021 – July 29, 2021
Mission Possible

BBBLS is in the business to create that solution and we need your help. Greenhouse production of fresh fruit and vegetables is an important source of food in hostile climates normally not friendly to traditionally grown crops.

  1. The Opportunity

    Conventional greenhouses use/waste a lot of energy for heating, cooling, ventilation, and lighting. They also have a fairly large size carbon footprint and a limited growing season when it gets too cold in winters or too hot in summers. With a growing world population, we need to find better/smarter and more sustainable ways to grow our food, year-round.

    The problem with current greenhouses is they have a high energy consumption, they are expensive to operate, and the energy accounts for 25% of operational costs.

  2. Your Mission

    Design an innovative greenhouse design that:

    • Utilizes the BBBLS technology and that will survive the middle east’s climate of extreme heat during the day and the dramatic cold at night.
    • Reduces the amount of energy consumed, be less expensive to operate and reduce the use of energy well below 25% of operational costs. Has a very small or non-existent carbon footprint.
    • Grows food year-round and withstands the extreme hot or cold climate throughout the year.
  3. Team Deliverables

    Product Design:
    Innovative sun-light and clean greenhouse environment digital design where the extreme weather climates are mitigated to increase the growing season and productivity. Industrial designers provide expert coaching in a mentored session.

    Marketing Strategy:
    Pitch deck that clearly illustrates and supports your innovation as a viable business solution.

    Pitch your ideas to experienced judges.

    Winning team receives a full color rendering of their innovative design by an industrial designer.

Challenge Steps

Challenge Kick Off
  • 5:00pm PST - Live Liftoff
  • Join the Liftoff
  • Lost at Sea Team Contest
  • Meet Your BizCoach
  • Zoom Pro-tips
  • Challenge Blast-off
  • 7:00pm PST - Submit "Team Name"
Discover Who You Can Help
  • 5:00pm PST - Opportunities?
  • Pink Lamborghini Client Game
  • Get Ready to Interview
  • Listen for Understanding
  • Story Telling: Hunt for Golden Eggs
  • Lemons, Golden Eggs?
  • 7:00pm PST - Submit "Golden Eggs"
Unlease Your Creativity!
  • 5:00pm PST - How to Think Big
  • Duck Tape Design Battle (Quack-Quack)
  • No Box Thinking
  • Craft BizSolutions
  • Success Factors
  • Land on One Concept
  • 7:00pm PST - Submit "Concept"
Make a Prototype
  • 5:00pm PST - Fail Forward Fast
  • V2 Next Gen Game
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Fast Feedback & Quick Change
  • Refine Your Idea
  • 7:00pm PST - Submit "Refinements"
Prepare Your Presentation
  • 5:00pm PST - How to Pitch Like a Pro
  • Prepare to Meet Your BizDesigner
  • Real World Design on the Fly
  • Hearthrob Improv
  • Build Your Pitch
  • Getting to Carnegie Hall
  • 7:00pm PST - Submit "Pitch"
Competition Day!
  • 5:00pm PST - Making a Difference
  • Battle of the Design BizTeams
  • Judges Feedback
  • Awards Celebration
  • AMA
  • And the Winner Is…

Only 20 Spots

Only 20 spots per challenge
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