What is the BizSmart Challenge?
It’s an in the cloud design competition that is a fun and exciting way to learn new tools, help others and invent cool stuff at the same time.
What kind of challenges are there?
In the new emerging entrepreneurship economy, people, businesses and communities will need new products, services, tools and skills to get back to work. You will create new ways to fill those needs.
What experience do I need?
Only bring your joy, passion and determination to make a difference. We will supply everything else!
Who is behind the BizSmart Challenge?
You may have heard of Camp BizSmart and BizSmart Global. Founded in 2007, with over 8,000 graduates in 24 countries, we are the #1 Entrepreneurship Education company for young people age 11 – 19. Our alumni work at top companies around the world like Apple & Intel.
Is this like going to school online?
Well, not really. We use a unique learning model called “Learn-Do-Coach Act”. We are all about getting real world practical skills while working on projects with others like yourself from around the world.
Yes, but is it like school?
We have designed the BizSmart Challenge projects to be interactive and for you to go at your own pace and practice new technologies & skills that you can use every day and have some fun at the same time.
What do I get out of it?
You will meet interesting people, build a network of skilled and like-minded individuals, and oh—each team member will get a full color, digital design of their idea to impress your friends!
Can I bring a friend?
Absolutely! Find someone to join your team who want to tackle real life problems and design innovative solutions.
I’m pretty busy now—how long will it take?
Good question. The BizSmart Challenge is a six day, fast cycle design sprint. You can plan on being in the cloud 2.5 -3 hours a day with the mentors. It will be up to you & your team to manage the project the rest of the time.
What kind of people will lead the Challenge?
The BizSmart staff, coaches and mentors are lead by Camp BizSmart Founders, Dr. Mike and Peggy Gibbs, both start-up entrepreneurs with 20 years experience working in Silicon Valley. You can read more about them here.
How will the teams be formed?
Before the start of the competition you will receive the Challenges for the week and then be linked to others with similar interests. Or, you can recruit your own team locally or globally.
How will the winning team be picked?
On day six, all teams will pitch live. The BizSmart Challenge staff will select the best team based on five simple criteria: 1) The innovativeness of the design; 2) How well did the solution solve the problem; 3) How well did the group work as a team; 4) Was the pitch clear, compelling and concise; and 5) How “go-to-market” ready is the idea.
How do I sign up?
Go to bizsmartchallenge.com to get started. Enrollment is limited so be sure to get you name in as soon as possible.