Aspiring young entrepreneurs are ready to help your business get back to work.

We hear a lot of small businesses say: “I am too busy working “IN” my business to work “ON” my business.” Want to innovate a new delivery service, expand a market, create a new tagline or logo? Throw it over to BizSmart Teenpreneur teams to brainstorm and pitch back to you. Let’s “Bounce Back” together!

  • There is no cost to you, the business owner. Your minimal time and involvement to help our students is payment enough.
  • Fill out the form below to be considered for future design challenges. We are especially interested in local, small to medium businesses, and start-ups.
  • Once you fill out our form, BizSmart Challenge Executive, Dr. Mike Gibbs will contact you to learn more about your business. We then write short, productive and practical challenge statements teams use to design solutions to help you open stronger.
  • Your business will be featured on our website to our thousands of users and seen by our partners including CEO Alliance and Keiretsu Forum Investors.
  • Students coached by industry experts and industrial designers will come up with unique and innovative ideas to jump-start your comeback story. You will be invited to hear the Teenpreneur design solution pitches and you will receive a professionally produced digital copy of their design renderings.