Join virtual BizTeams in competition to design ”make a difference” solutions for business owners who need your help!

Get your BizSmarts on and help a local high-tech start-up, bakery, clothing store, landscaper, eatery, family construction company or grocer survive and thrive. Team up to help real entrepreneurs create new streams of income, new ways to serve customers and even design new products. Do you have the GRIT to accept the BizSmart Challenge and help your community and businesses make The Comeback?

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  • Build Your "BizSkills"
    1: Team-Up Virtually

    Assemble your own team of 2-3 people and sign up or participate in creating a team of other teammates from around the US and the world. Real entrepreneur teams know that failure and success are flip sides of the same coin. It’s in their DNA to persist and “dig deep” to make a difference. It’s your turn to start building your “BizSkills” and creative network now!

  • Give Life to Imaginative Products
    2: Invent Impactful Solutions

    Uncertain times open doors to NEW and INNOVATIVE thinking. Bring your wild, crazy, and creative ideas to the table and give life to imaginative products for people with who need it. Learn the BizSmart Design Thinking method and work with entrepreneurship coaches, industry mentors and designers, to unleash your true potential!

  • Add to Your Achievement Portfolio
    3: Learn New Skills and Win

    Present your team’s final design to gain industry expert feedback. All students will have their team designs professionally rendered to add to your achievement portfolio. The winning team be will be featured on the BizSmart Challenge website and Instagram feed They will also receive a BizSmart Challenge t-shirt personalized with their names and their team name. Are you up for the #BizsmartChallenge?

Design Challenges

Check out our list of current, real world design challenges. Check back often for totally new companies and challenges and be part of the great comeback by helping a local business get back to work.

Help Treecard create a debit card & app that empowers teenagers to fight climate change and gain financial literacy.
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BBBLS Greenhouse
Utilizing BBBLS technology, design an innovative greenhouse that will survive extreme climates of hot and cold temperatures.
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Design a Maker Space
Identify trends and take Central Coast Silkscreen to the next level by designing a unique Maker Space for the community.
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Live Streaming Camera System
Help FloSports invent a new live streaming camera system that gives anyone the ability to record high quality content and stream live sporting events.
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A Fashion Refresh Experience
Our refrigerators are smart, why aren’t our closets? Invent a smart closet for Poshmark that brings the fashion refresh experience into your home.
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Nominate a Business

Aspiring young entrepreneurs coached by industry experts and industrial designers are ready to to jump-start your business's comeback story.

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