The Challenge

Help Central Coast Silkscreen design a new Maker Space to bring their business to the next level!

Challenge Dates June 18, 2020 – June 25, 2020
Mission Possible

Central Coast is a Silkscreen & Embroidery company that has been making high quality t-shirts, totebags, mugs, embroidered products, and more since 1976! Owner’s Len and Sheri have continued to innovate the Silkscreening market by adopting new technologies and production methods. Now, they are ready to take their shop to the next level by building a unique Maker Space for the community. How can we create a unique Maker Space experience that serves the community’s needs?

  1. The Opportunity

    Public Maker Spaces are growing in popularity and providing opportunities for people to create! DYI maker spaces have become popular and provide the creative environment and equipment to prototype ideas. Petroglyph is a Ceramic Lounge that teaches the community how to make with clay and offers regular classes that bring makers together.

  2. Your Mission

    Your team should identify trends in the maker space community, and design a Silkscreen & Embroidery Maker Space Experience with Central Coast Silkscreen.

  3. Team Deliverables
    1. Create a new and innovative Silkscreen & Embroidery Maker Space where makers can come together to Silkscreen & Embroider for themselves or their businesses.
    2. A drawing or visualization of the Maker Space.
    3. A brief write-up of what the Maker Space Experience will be, what capabilities the space will have, and how they will get customers in the door.

Challenge Steps

Challenge Kick Off
  • 5:00pm PST - Live Liftoff
  • Join the Liftoff
  • Lost at Sea Team Contest
  • Meet Your BizCoach
  • Zoom Pro-tips
  • Challenge Blast-off
  • 7:00pm PST - Submit "Team Name"
Discover Who You Can Help
  • 5:00pm PST - Opportunities?
  • Pink Lamborghini Client Game
  • Get Ready to Interview
  • Listen for Understanding
  • Story Telling: Hunt for Golden Eggs
  • Lemons, Golden Eggs?
  • 7:00pm PST - Submit "Golden Eggs"
Unlease Your Creativity!
  • 5:00pm PST - How to Think Big
  • Duck Tape Design Battle (Quack-Quack)
  • No Box Thinking
  • Craft BizSolutions
  • Success Factors
  • Land on One Concept
  • 7:00pm PST - Submit "Concept"
Make a Prototype
  • 5:00pm PST - Fail Forward Fast
  • V2 Next Gen Game
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Fast Feedback & Quick Change
  • Refine Your Idea
  • 7:00pm PST - Submit "Refinements"
Prepare Your Presentation
  • 5:00pm PST - How to Pitch Like a Pro
  • Prepare to Meet Your BizDesigner
  • Real World Design on the Fly
  • Hearthrob Improv
  • Build Your Pitch
  • Getting to Carnegie Hall
  • 7:00pm PST - Submit "Pitch"
Competition Day!
  • 5:00pm PST - Making a Difference
  • Battle of the Design BizTeams
  • Judges Feedback
  • Awards Celebration
  • AMA
  • And the Winner Is…

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