How to Jump Start Your Summer With Some Fun—Take the BizSmart Challenge!

How to Jump Start Your Summer With Some Fun—Take the BizSmart Challenge!

Whether you are 11-15, or 16-17, I bet you can’t wait for summer to come! While school is important—it’s harder when you can’t get together with friends or do many of the extra-curriculars that you love to do in person, with others. If you are the parent of these remarkable tweens and teens, you know they have much to offer. However, after two months of shelter in place they are restless, and starting to act like the race horse that yearns to hear the bell that lets them leave the stall and run the race. Perhaps you have already heard them say, “I can’t wait for summer to come!”

Well, we can’t actually make summer come faster, though I too am looking forward to it, but we can provide some of the same fun, interactive and cool workshops we do during the summer, right now, virtually. Working with Camp BizSmart alums who are tweens and teens we designed a virtual interactive and in their words, very fun, team competition. We know that it is important to either work with the friends you love to hang out with, or get to know someone new that could turn into a friend for life. Experienced mentors will coach you with fun activities that will help you gain new skills and work as a team to create product designs to solve real challenges faced by real businesses right now.

Industrial designers will assist you to turn your sketches into full renderings and you will compete in teams of 2 or 3 to capture the favor of the judges as having the best solution. Your team design and pitch will be yours to take with you to add to your accomplishment portfolio.  But most of all, like one of our Camp BizSmart Alums who completed a challenge week said, “I looked forward to the BizSmart Challenge each day, because it was the best part of my day. I can’t wait to do it again.”

The BizSmart Challenge was created for teens 13-17. Check out our upcoming challenges. And, if you are 12, and believe you should be able to attend, have your parents contact us.

Stay tuned for more information about summer workshops both in person and virtual.

For girls who are 8-11, we want to introduce you to a friend of ours, Brian Westfield. Brian created the Start-up Squad book series to encourage girl power! There are now two books in the series and they are great a terrific introduction into the world of entrepreneurship.