BizBoys Wow Amazon Judge with LiquiGlove

BizBoys Wow Amazon Judge with LiquiGlove

The world premier of the BizSmart Challenge real world design competition for “tweenpreneurs” was a success! Six teams and 16 idea makers and world shakers invented innovative solutions to help get the country back to work. The winning team from this highly interactive and engaging week long virtual design thinking event, was BizBoys with Michael Nardone and Max Weinberger with the unique LiquiGlove.

The teen teams took on this Mission Possible.

The Opportunity

As you and your family are doing your part to physically distance for public safety, there are many Heroes that are on the front lines of helping the world get through these challenging times. Healthcare workers, delivery drivers, grocery store workers, truck drivers, police officers, and many more Heroes are working hard to help our community get the resources they need.

The Mission

Your product/service can offer emotional support, financial support, technical support, or even help the Heroes get the material resources they need to do their jobs efficiently. A wonderful example of this is the many people with home 3D printers that are using their own resources to help print valuable parts that are needed for healthcare workers to do their job. Now is your chance to invent solutions!

Team Deliverables
  1. A drawing or visualization of the product, app, or product branding.
  2. A brief write-up of what the product is, how you will deliver it to these front-line Heroes, and how it will benefit them and the people they are serving.

BizBoys Solution

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🎉Congratulations to our first BizSmart Challenge winners, the BizBoys, Max and Michael! LiquiGloves: “Protection without the Objection!” 👋 Their invention, the LiquiGloves, is a gel-like liquid that dries into a flexible casing around the user’s hand that can protect against bacteria and other substances. Available in 3 different sizes, to carry with or in a durable casing for public use. Rendered by Ricardo Lucero (@luc.dsgn) Want to learn how to design products that bring value to people’s lives? Join the BizSmart Challenge and create impactful solutions with other teens! • • • • • #BizSmartChallenge #CampBizSmart #MakeADifference #Entrepreneurship #DistanceLearning #StayInnovative #MakerEd #STEAMeducation #EntrepreneurshipLifestyle #LearnEntrepreneurship #Mentorship #ExperientialLearning #ProjectBasedLearning #TeenEmpowerment #DesignThinking

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