Top Team Creates a Way to Connect With & Support Local Businesses

Top Team Creates a Way to Connect With & Support Local Businesses

Plaza – Everything You’ll Ever Need Locally

Avni Sardana and Jayna Sundar love their local community and wanted to help businesses re-connect with clients old and new. They also wanted to design a way for residents to easily look for and find the services they need in the local community. Interviewing business owners, they heard, “we’re working hard to reopen and follow the guidelines that are required, and we need help to make sure that old and new customers alike know that we are open and ready to serve them.”

BizSmart Challenge Teenpreneur teams presented many innovative solutions to the judges on June 11, 2020. What the judges liked most about the winning solution, Plaza, was that it created a way to help businesses right now, as well as to easily adapt and change as needed into the future.

These young aspiring entrepreneurs were coached by industry experts and industrial designers throughout the six-day challenge week. They came up with this unique and innovative idea to jump-start the comeback story of many businesses and to create a real sense of community support by connecting residents and businesses through their Plaza App.

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