BizSmart Challenge Poshmark Team Takes First Place

BizSmart Challenge Poshmark Team Takes First Place

Congratulations to the top team from our BizSmart Challenge, entrepreneur experience that took place in Dubai, UAE this December. These aspiring young entrepreneurs were inspired by the Poshmark social marketplace for sustainable sales of high-end fashion and accessories. Manish Chandra, Poshmark CEO and founder is also a Camp dad and advisor.

The 6 day virtual BizSmart Challenge included this very current and real world biz challenge as well as one from Good Natured, for the teams of teens to select from and compete with. BizSmart Challenge was held in partnership with our in country partner, Explorers Lab. Mike and Peggy Gibbs, Founders of Camp BizSmart wish to thank Tarun Dara, CEO, Founder of Explorers Lab and his team and the terrific BizSmart team who provided an immersive experience that was exciting and meaningful to the teen problem solvers and innovators.

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